We live in a time of rampant technology and business development. Disputes, property disputes, business conflicts, disputes with authorities and criminal prosecutions arise more frequently in these fast-paced processes. It is difficult to imagine an effective business without timely and top-quality legal protection.

Orekhovsky and Kolomiets law firm (OK Firm) united enthusiastic and focused lawyers, specializing in protection of rights in the criminal proceedings, settlement of disputes in and out of the court, including with public authorities, legal support of business and protection of intellectual property rights.

Combining the best international standards of legal practice with a deep knowledge of peculiarities of the Ukrainian realities and a customized approach with a clear understanding of the Client’s needs, we protect each Client’s interests and contribute to success.

Managing partner Mykola Orekhovsky

Our endeavors are aimed to increase the standards of rendering legal services, to create and improve the legal basis for business development in Ukraine. In order to achieve this, we cooperate actively with government institutions, public organizations and business associations, specific entities.

We were united by the faith in justice and love for our profession. We find pure joy in the victories, won by the inspired work, and not by a matter of chance. We gain experience from failures, we become stronger and move forward. First of all, we see a client as an ally in a joint struggle, but not a victim asking for mercy.

Partner Vitalii Kolomiets