Criminal process

The lawyers of OK Firm provide legal protection in criminal proceedings.

Protection in criminal proceedings is the main area of specialization of the OK Firm lawyers.

At all stages of prejudicial inquiry and judicial examination our defenders will be at your side to ensure an effective enforcement of the right for protection against the criminal prosecution.

Top-quality and timely legal advice helps to prevent breach of legislation, determine the risks for a person, enterprise and its officials, develop correctly the strategy and tactics of protection in order to close a criminal prosecution at an early stage or to safeguard against judicial penalty.

With participation of the OK lawyers, you can expect a reliable protection during interrogations, in the process of searches and after them.

Our lawyers have a proven experience in returning the seized property.

Evidence collection is crucial for a successful protection against criminal prosecution and safeguarding against judicial penalty.

The OK lawyers know how to receive the necessary evidence in a timely manner in order to achieve the fundamental changes during investigations and to close a criminal prosecution at an early stage.

Complicated criminal proceedings may be long-term, and this requires endurance, efforts and a proper protection strategy. The OK lawyers together with the clients, accused of serious and extremely grievous crimes, have gained a valuable experience in long-term and complicated criminal proceedings.

Numerous acquitting judgments, clients discharged from custody and returned property are on the “shoulders” of our lawyers.

Business security

The OK team is experienced in developing comprehensive solutions for corporate security, which help to identify, eliminate, and prevent external and internal business threats.

Effectiveness of our team’s solutions in the corporate security area is based on the business protection experience, knowledge of legislation and regulatory policy, participation in settlement of the corporate conflicts and experience in cooperation with the media.

In order to create an effective business security for our clients, our team combines the efforts of lawyers, experienced in representation in the courts, government relations experts, media professionals and lawyers, experienced in protection of clients in the course of investigations of economic crimes and fraud.

Settlement of disputes

Experience of the OK Firm lawyers shows that in the field of property relations and business, disputes arise most frequently due to avoidance of fulfillment in good faith of obligations.

Our specialists have developed approaches that help to eliminate risks and/or negative effects in trade and economic relations, in particular, due to failure to act with due diligence.

Taking into account the experience gained, the OK Firm lawyers settle disputes in and out of the court.

Non-judicial practice includes analysis of the situation, development of recommendations for the appropriate way of resolving the situation and application of the mechanisms for out-of-the court settlement of the dispute;

Judicial practice includes direct representation of the client’s interests in the court and support in levying of execution of the court judgments. Our lawyers have experience in successful conduct of cases to protect the interests of individuals and legal entities in complicated disputes.

The OK team develops the most effective decisions and strategies for legal proceedings in the main categories of disputes, in particular:

  • disputes, arising from contractual relationship;
  • disputes with government authorities, in particular, tax and customs bodies;
  • disputes, relating to collection of debts;
  • real property disputes;
  • administrative disputes, including the issues of compliance with Antitrust laws;
  • corporate disputes;
  • investment-related disputes;
  • intellectual property disputes;
  • disputes regarding protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • disputes regarding rendering financial services;
  • labor disputes.

Disputes with government authorities

The OK lawyers protect the rights and interests of the clients in disputes, arising in relations with the government authorities.

Our team has a vast experience in invalidation of judgments in the courts, acts and inactions of the government authorities and their officials. In particular, on our claims in the clients’ interests, the courts cancelled, in whole or in part, the government authorities’ regulatory acts, which burdened unlawfully conduct of business.

The OK Firm lawyers have a unique experience in appealing the statutory regulations (the CMU, ministries, services, etc.) with a significant statute of limitations

Intellectual property

The OK Firm protects the intellectual property rights of the clients.

We register the copyright, domain names, trademarks (product and service marks) and accompany receipt of patents for inventions, utility models, industrial prototypes.

We prepare the required documents for transfer of the rights to intellectual property items from developers, inventors or creators to the ultimate property right owners.

The OK lawyers take part in negotiations between the parties and develop license agreements, agreements on transfer (alienation) of intellectual property rights .

We provide legal support for tax planning and optimization, related to the intellectual property items.

We make a legal analysis of the intellectual property items. We provide legal support and organize operating management of the intellectual property items.

Our lawyers represent the clients’ interests in the courts and the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine, accompany the unscrupulous competition investigation in the Antitrust Committee of Ukraine in the client’s interests.

The OK Firm lawyers protect the client’s intellectual property rights also in the criminal proceedings.

Legal protection in the field of ITТ

The OK Firm protects the rights and represents the interests of clients, engaged in the field of IT.

In the field of developing software products, Ukraine is one of the leaders in the business processes outsourcing. Taking into account peculiarities of the Ukrainian environment, the OK Firm assists the local IT companies in organizing their activities and build a corporate structure. We provide legal support in concluding agreements with foreign customers and follow the processes of transferring rights from developers to customers in Ukraine.

We serve foreign companies, which either order services from the Ukrainian developers or have their own offices in Ukraine.

The OK lawyers provide legal protection against criminal prosecution for the crimes, related to use of computers, automated systems and networks.


The OK Firm lawyers have experience in successful protection of the clients' interests in their relations with tax authorities. Due to participation of our lawyers in judicial disputes with the tax authorities, the clients could save the substantial amounts of money.

The OK Firm renders legal assistance in the issues of taxation, related to:

  • establishment, winding-up and sale of companies;
  • corporate restructuring;
  • repatriation of revenues;
  • tax due diligence;
  • analysis of activities to determine the possibilities for optimization of tax liabilities or tax risks;
  • independent consultation on disputable taxation issues;
  • legal support during tax inspections and investigations;
  • representation of interests in relations with tax and customs authorities.


The OK Firm lawyers represented the clients’ interests in reestablishing solvency of the bankrupt enterprises, in particular, through settlement agreements with a subsequent production startup.

Currently, the lawyers of our Firm formed the practice, developed the top-quality methods to counteract unscrupulous debtors and protect the interests of persons, involved in the bankruptcy case. Most bankruptcy cases, accompanied by our specialists, go beyond the arbitration proceedings.

In every such project, there are challenges regarding: appealing the questionable deals, committed by the debtor in the pre-bankruptcy; clearing up the schemes, which resulted in withdrawal of funds or other assets of the debtor; initiation of criminal proceedings to bring managers, owners of the debtor to liability; and other actions.

Real property and construction

The OK Firm lawyers provide legal support for conclusion and execution of agreements, related to acquisition, alienation or use of real property (purchase and sale, lease of buildings, integral property complexes, buildings, premises and land plots), as well as real property pledge agreements.

Competition law and public procurement

The OK Firm renders legal assistance in protection of the client's interests against anticompetitive practices and unscrupulous competition, protection against accusations of the monopoly abuse and protection against anticompetitive practices of the government authorities.

Public procurement

The OK Firm lawyers provide legal support to the Ukrainian and foreign companies in the public procurement procedures, conclusion of product supply agreements and support of their execution.

Our lawyers appealed to the Antitrust Committee of Ukraine in the clients’ interests and achieved cancellation of dozens of public procurements in the "Prozorro" system, which were made with violation of the legislation.

Moreover, representing the interests of our clients, our lawyers developed the legal methods that prevent the customers from avoiding the statutory public procurement procedure.

Idea projects

The OK Firm team is involved in the projects that concern the entire society and especially inspire us. These are the projects, which make business easier in our country, activity of the authorities more transparent and efficient, open special industries for business and cancel the existing state monopolies or some entities in a certain field of activity.

Working on the idea projects, our team strives for canceling the norms, which are survival of totalitarian past of our country, create judicial precedents, bringing the understanding and application of the law in Ukraine to the standards of the civilized world countries.

Weaponry and the right of defense.

Currently, one of the trends of our Firm is a legal struggle for equal rights to armed defense and acts as the principal legal counsel of the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Gun Owners Association" (UGOA). Currently, UGOA is one of the largest public organizations by the number of the Facebook followers among any other public organizations or political parties in Ukraine. UGOA drafted the bill No. 1135-1 "On civil weapons and ammunition", in support of which the on-line petition (the first in the history of Ukraine) was filed (30 thousand signatures in 4 days).

The OK Firm lawyers work to repeal the existing, over-regulated legal framework for manufacture and trafficking of weapons and ammunition. The existing rules of ammunition trafficking do not correspond to either the Constitution of Ukraine or the needs of time. We published more than 70 articles with legal positions on the ammunition trafficking and reports on this work are available via the link http://zbroya.info/en/partner/law-ok/blogs/

The OK Firm cooperates with the manufacturers of ammunition as to obtaining the necessary permits and legal support for such business.

Concerning the issue of criminal prosecution for illegal weapon handling, we can safely say that our lawyers have developed a new judicial practice.

Transparency in use of subsurface resources.

The OK Firm lawyers have a considerable experience in legal protection of the users of subsurface resources. Our specialists prepared a number of concepts and amendments to regulations as to more transparent and efficient use of subsurface resources. Currently, the use of subsurface resources is one of the most corrupt areas of economy due to non-transparency in management, as evidenced by investigations of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and numerous publications in the media. This situation hinders the development of investments in raw material economy of Ukraine.

The main problems, hindering the development of efficient use of subsurface resources, were identified by the OK Firm lawyers as related to protection of the companies, using subsurface resources. The legal work of our lawyers with these problems in the courts and during investigations regarding the officials of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine resulted in a greater transparency and other quality changes in the work of this government authority.

Fair trial and on-line justice.

Our team developed the concept of on-line justice. We identified the key mistakes (bugs) in the legislation and justice procedure, enabling sticky-fingered judges to take selective justified decisions. In other words to disregard the compelling evidence of the parties. Implementation of our on-line justice concept will make justice faster, more open and more effective.