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Criminal Procedure

OK LEGAL lawyers as your defending counsels provide legal defence in criminal proceedings. OK LEGAL lawyers in their professional practice focus on defence in criminal proceedings as the core competence. At all stages of pre-trial Investigation and trial proceedings, our defending counsels will be with you to provide the most effective defence. High-quality and timely legal advice help to prevent violations of the law, identify risk exposures for private person, businesses and their officials, properly formulate defence strategies and tactics to cease criminal prosecution at an early stage or reduce the probability of punishment in court. OK LEGAL lawyers do cause your defence to be reliable, safe and secure during interrogations, searches and other investigative actions. Our lawyers know how to redeliver confiscated property. Gathering evidence is crucial for a successful defence against prosecution and security against punishment. OK LEGAL lawyers pay special attention to the timely receive the necessary evidence, which increases the possibility of terminating criminal prosecution at an early stage or refuting charges in court. Complex criminal proceedings can be lengthy, requiring endurance, effort and the appropriate defence strategy. OK LEGAL lawyers teaming up with their clients accused of grave offences and especially gravest crimes have acquired valuable experience in long-lasting and complicated criminal proceedings.


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